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I am a Mormon Missionary serving in the Michigan Lansing Mission. I enjoy serving the people of Michigan and love the area. I am also an ice cream addict in the process of recovery :)

Monday, January 24, 2011

The Truth

At this time of change and celebration, we often review the past in an attempt to correct the future. One thing that I have pondered on is that life is full of routines and habits. Although minor details may change, our lives tend to follow the same patterns. We move from moment to moment in a similar fashion, while time slowly slips away. This being said, what is it that keeps us going from day to day? Why do we do the same things?

For years, schedules may continue as normal but there is one variable that changes daily. That constant factor of change is us. Surroundings rarely change, but not a day goes by that we stay the same. Our emotions, feelings and experiences are unique to each day. This continuous progression of each of our lives is what motivates us to keep going. We are always looking to improve ourselves and our situations. The idea that each of us are on a path of constant change is what I wish to discuss today.

As I wade through the quagmire of daily life, I have thought a lot about our purpose and experiences here on Earth. The immense amount of time that we are allotted to live has provided me with plenty of time to ponder on this issue. One specific topic that I would like to entertain is the idea that we all have a conscience. Each of us have the ability to think and to reason. We also have a deep set of truths embedded within us. One example of this is a feeling that is common to all rational beings. It is the thought that taking away another human being's life is wrong. If we eradicate strong passions and listen to the thoughts and impressions that come to our mind, we can all come to an understanding of these eternal truths.

Another eternal truth that we can all come to know is that God exists. I'm sure there are many people who would disagree with that statement. However, I invite all to take this challenge. Ponder on the intricacies of life. Think about the world, the many people that exist here with all different personalities and interests. Consider the purpose of our life here on Earth. As you think of these things, set aside all preconceived notions. I can promise that if your willing to have an open mind, certain truths will bring peace to your mind and comfort to your soul. That is the real test. The reason we cannot understand eternal truths if our minds are clouded by strong passions is because the delicate feeling of peace can not co-exist there. The existence of God is one of those things that will bring peace to our minds. This is because it is an eternal truth. I testify that if we listen to our feelings and the impressions that come to our mind, we can all be directed towards truth. I also know that God exists. That He loves us and that we are here to become more like Him. I know that if we are indeed seeking after truth, we can find our way by following the pathway of peace.